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    Simple Marketing Training

How to use social media and other platforms to find your targeted audience.

   World Class in Demand Products

Represent Global Award Winning Products that are in demand regardless of any world crisis. Align yourself in a growing business. Inhouse wealth creation techniques.

   Follow a Simple System

Using this simple system following the success of others helps you become better quicker

   Unlimited Growth Potential

With No cap on your earnings, no boss looking over your shoulder, you choose your income level.

Chrissy and Col on stage in Melbourne Australia, receiving our $50k awards. The most award winners to date in a single month.
Chrissy and Col working hard in Thailand. Our online business enables us to travel and our online business never skips a beat.
Chrissy and Col fun times in Noosa with some of the people that I work with. Our online business has created a new group of great friends.

Here we are on a Super Yacht in Thailand. These rewards You could enjoy when you join the 50k club. That's earning over $50k in one month.

On stage in Melbourne Australia, receiving our $50k awards. The business is growing at a good steady rate. The most award winners to date in a single month. Just Brilliant.

Working hard. This business enables us to travel and the business never skips a beat.

Fun times in Noosa with some of the guys that I work with. What a positive group of very good friends.

Chrissy and Col joining the $50k club. That's earning over $50k in one month.

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Best Ever Home Business

A Very Unique Work From Home Online Business

No Experience Needed

You Get Full Training And Support

"When we started making money in this online business, it didn't seem real. We both came from the traditional sell your time for money jobs and did that for decades. Jobs are so unstable and fragile, so especially now, you need to secure your future and become autonomous. We rolled up our sleeves and have more than tripled our income". Chrissy and Col.


It takes dedication & commitment to create success in this business just like any business.  If you're looking for "get rich quick" or "get rich easy" without doing the work then keep searching, this business is not for you. (If they actually existed, Everyone would be Rich). 

Your personal results will vary based on your own individual mindset and effort.

Running The Business

  • Investing time into your own personal development & growth and training via our award winning courses.

  • Marketing award winning products and courses on a variety of advertising platforms.

  • Interacting & participating daily in live training programs using the zoom platform.

  • Interviewing via a proven script and then providing prospective clients with information about the company's products & services via phone & email.

About You

  • You are someone who takes pride in stepping up and working to their full potential.

  • You are energetic, positive, coachable and motivated to solve problems.

  • You have strong communication skills and have a genuine desire to  build a successful business for yourself.

  • You have at least 2 hours per day to devote to a new business venture.

  • You are goal orientated and can think big.

A few of the rewards working a proven success driven business, can give you. 

We reward ourselves quite often.

Lets Hear From Your Trainers And Mentors, Chrissy and Col Greig

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